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Welcome to Ancient Awakenings
"Believing is seeing" !
It is not an accident that you have landed on this website. IT IS TIME to come together as lightworkers and bring in the Golden Age and that is what you are here to do! In your heart you have been waiting to find direction to fulfill your purpose so please “Join Us”.

Go to our collection of free Audio Channelings (button) to experience (by listening or reading) Ascended Masters and many other higher beings providing wisdom, truth and direction to help those that are awakening to bring in the promised Golden Age.

IT IS TIME to enter the momentous GOLDEN AGE of Truth, Love, Generosity,


      Last Updated: Jun 12, 2017

   Light and Oneness that is our Fifth Dimensional Right of Passage through our Ascension Journey. JOIN US now and together we can bring this to others who are awakening to this truth.

If this information rings in your heart, JOIN US for our weekly Sunday Group in person or on the phone at 11am Mountain Time ( and Pacific time in the Fall) in Phoenix, Arizona. Just Click “JOIN US” button for details.

Click “CONTACT US” if you have questions about joining us. Blessings and IT IS TIME to move forward to the truth of your Being and to Awaken yourself and others to the opulent light of the Ascension Journey planned for Gaia and her resident Souls. Thank you and Bless you.

. Listen on Sunday June 18, 2017 for channeled messages from Ascended Masters. If you are not yet a member of Ancient Awakenings, now is the time. Go to to join our membership. To listen to recordings, click the "Audio Channelings" button to listen to his message.

. Join us and dial-in on Sundays for live channelings.

. News coming about next Advance, tbd 2017

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