16.03.06 – Prime Creator Has Said Enough is Enough

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“Sananda” and “One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

“Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco


Note: these messages were given during our weekly Prepare For Change group and during our monthly Hollow Earth Network call in Glendale, AZ on March 6, 2016)



This is Sananda. It is good to be with you here again in this way that I and all of my brethren can reach out to so many of you and we can share our messages. And what an auspicious time you have entered. It is a time now that you have waited for – for many, many, many lifetimes, many eons of time have passed in bringing us all to this one moment. And this is the moment my dear friends, my brothers and sisters, this is the moment where you are reaching the proverbial finish line that we have been speaking of. You are nearing it, many of you have reached it and are about to cross it. There are others that are straggling behind, yes of course, and I have spoken of this directly several times now but the finish line is there. This is that time.


I’m going to give you an analogy now, an analogy to help you understand what is happening and why I the delays that are going on. It is as if you are witnessing an airport and there are many planes flying above this airport, many at different levels flying above. And there is the controller, the traffic controller, sitting in the tower. And the traffic controller is not able to allow the planes to land so the planes continue to circle around and around and around until they are given the go-ahead, until they’re given the signal that they can begin to land. And that signal has not yet come but they are waiting, they are waiting in anticipation because they know the moment is at hand when they will be able to land their planes. Now this of course, this analogy here, is occurring at the higher levels and even at your level here now, your three dimensional world. Because these lower planes would be akin to the various dominoes that we have been speaking of, the dominoes that would begin to fall. And as the first plane lands the dominoes will begin to fall, the other planes will be able to begin to descend and to come down for a landing. And those planes at the higher levels those are the galactics in their ships that are circling around the earth waiting for the moment to be given that they also can come down and land.


Now you see that the one in the tower, I’m sure many of you have guessed, that is Prime Creator that is waiting to give the signal for all of the planes, for all of the dominoes to begin to fall. And fall they will as I have said many times and others have reiterated this – this can no longer be stopped. The cabal, the ones of the dark forces they continue to pull their various shenanigans in an attempt to hold it off, delay here, delay there; but they can only do so much for so long a period of time. That time is reaching an end. They cannot continue to delay this process that is pushing ahead, that is pushing ahead so hard that they can no longer hold it back. It is as if an avalanche is coming and they are trying to hold the avalanche back with their hands. How impossible would that be? But yet they believe that they can, they believe they can hold it back just as they have been doing; so they continue to do those same things that always worked for them in the past. But they are realizing now that all of those that they have been attempting to control, that they can no longer control. You, all of you, are saying “enough is enough”. Prime Creator has said “enough is enough” and it will not be allowed to continue.


The Prime Directive is certainly still at large, it is still at hand, and cannot be changed. But it can be altered when the need arises and that need has arisen. The need for the Prime Directive to be altered has been given and it is being prepared at this very moment. You hear about celebrations, there are many celebrations that are being planned for you and the time for those celebrations is at hand. You have heard this from Ashtar, you have heard this from St. Germain, you have heard this from myself Sananda from other sources, you have heard this many times that the celebrations are at hand and we are only waiting now for that signal to be given so that the planes can begin to land so that the dominoes can begin to fall. And once they begin to fall all of your dreams and aspirations, all of your wildest imaginations are going to be realized.

We know that this is difficult for many to continue to hear these words and continue to have hope, to continue to believe that. We continue to say believe it and you will see it. There is nothing now that can hold it back. It is only a matter of moments, it is only a matter of frequency. Once the frequency has reached that optimum level in the frequency across the entire planet is shifting, it is changing. The Schumann resonance is rising. All of this is increasing and it is having the effect of consciousness spreading across the planet, a consciousness of love, a consciousness of understanding, a consciousness of oneness and, my dear brothers and sisters, all is at hand. We are ready, we are ready to come and be with you more physically, to hold your hand, to hug wherever we are allowed to do so and we long for this time and this moment.


And we know that you, yourselves, that have been working at whatever you can do it, have been working diligently. And we ask you now, in these last moments, we ask you now to move ahead with whatever you have been guided to do. Now is the time to move ahead and begin the process. Now is the time to begin to move ahead and begin your missions. And your missions are there in front of you — you only need to but ask and they will be provided to you. You already know them at the deeper levels of your being and it is only time now for the resolution, or the remembrance, to fully come into you that you can more fully move ahead and begin your missions. Or, for many of you, to continue those missions you have already begun. But again I am asking you sit back no longer, move ahead, do whatever it is you came to do because this is your moment, this is your time. I am Sananda. I have always been with you and I will always be with you. You are my very life itself. I breathe through you and you breathe through me. We all breathe the I AM consciousness within us. Peace and love be with all of you. (Thank you, thank you).


“One Who Serves”

Greetings to you. This is One Who Serves – there are several of us here waiting to share with you and answer your questions and Ashira is also standing by ready and willing to go for it. And we are feeling a little kind of spunky here today (laughter) so we are going to have a good show here, we think. So we have no message here for you we cannot follow that message. That is a difficult one to be the one to follow, you see? But we are used to that. So we are the One Who Serves and we are here to do exactly that so what questions would you have for One Who Serves and Ashira?


Question: This is Dr. Wanda – I have a question. We’ve seen these chemtrails in the sky and we know that you guys and archangels are going to get rid of these and I see it more and more, there really going away. But I’ve always wondered two things: what is in those chemtrails that are affecting us and which part of our body is it affecting and also I wanted to know if the people that are putting those chemtrails know exactly what they are doing…that they are dangerous or are they being told that it’s something good for us?


“OWS”: There are many levels of this question and will answer the second part of this first. Those that are participating in this process and spreading these chemtrails across the sky, many of them do not know what they do. Or at least in the beginning when they began this process they did not know what it was. They were told something, they were told that they were helping the planet and that they were to be a part of a great endeavor and, you see, they went into this believing that. But along the way many of them have come to the understanding that that is not so but they are trapped. Just as many within the cabal, many of the illuminati and all of this are trapped. They do not want to be there anymore but they cannot get out of it or they believe they cannot get out of it. Because if they attempt to, they have been told that they will be killed or their family will be killed, all of these things. So there are many threats that hold them to this.


Now there are also those levels of ones who are doing this that are somewhat robotic. They get in their plane and they push their buttons and they do it in a robotic type of fashion and they care not what is happening. Even though they know it, they just simply go about their business as usual. But you see this is not going to be business as usual. These chemicals that are going into the sky are being altered, they are being changed, by those of our brothers and sisters from above, those of the ones we know of as the galactics. They are working diligently on this.


And we also say to you, those of you that hear these words and resonate to these words, are not to be concerned with this because these chemicals, as they are putting them into the sky, are not going to affect you the way they expected them to. They expected these chemicals to create all kinds of diseases, all kinds of ailments, we would say not so much diseases but ailments that would continue on and exacerbate across the planet. And this is not happened the way they planned it because of frequency, because of raising in vibration across the planet. You see, these chemicals were meant for the old 3-D realm, for the old 3-D paradigm. But you are no longer in the old 3-D paradigm, you see? So they are not going to have the effect. And one last thing is Sananda some time ago, two or three weeks ago, said that the chemtrails are stopping. They have lost their funding. You may still see some – one here and one there – but nothing like what had been appearing before in the years past here. So all of this is shifting, all of this is part of the great transition that is happening here on the planet now. Anything to add here Ashira? We know we went on and on and on. You have anything that you wish to add?


Ashira”: You covered it very well, thank you. (Thank you so much)


OWS”: Yes, any further questions from those here in the room and then we will move on to Anne and her compadres?


Question: This is Diana. I have a question that’s of a personal nature. And I have someone in the unseen that keeps blowing smoke in my face. It’s happened at home, it’s happened at work, not so much, but right now here today it’s constant and it’s really getting to me. Can you explain a little bit about what’s going on in the unseen world next to me that’s following me around?


OWS”: Ashira your turn if you wish.


Ashira”: (Laughter) This is someone, Diana, whom you have known in your past and they believe that they have messages for you. And if you think of someone who was a smoker in their past then you will be able to listen for that voice that is there to speak with you. Does that remind you of anyone?  (It does and I’ve invited them in, I’ve invited them to talk with me as long as their friendly and I’m not getting anything). Well the answer will be coming to you and it may not come in your conscious mind, it may come in a dream. (Thank you). Yes.

OWS”: Remember the veil is dropping and it will continue to drop and as it continues to drop you will begin to see more and more into the other realms. This can be good and not so good sometimes depending on your vibration at the time this begins. Or for many it has already begun. Other questions here? Then we will move on to you dear Anne.


Anne DeHart: Oh boy I just counted and it looks like we have about 10 or 11 people here. It’s a good warm-up isn’t it? Okay let me remind our folks that we are using the energy of our channels in a long intense channeling session so when your phone number is called make sure that you are available at your phone. Don’t be having the computer listening in and making noises in the background. And introduce yourself and your location…and just use your first name, your location and one brief question and please do not extend it into a conversation using up a lot of our channels energy and knowing that others are waiting with their questions. So we are limited – it’s not like Zorra who is right there in Billie’s body and he can just talk away all day long. We are using channeling energy which can be very trying if we extend it too long. So with that I’m opening up somebody up there in Oregon area code 503 ending in 0801. Your name location and one quick question.


Question: Uh yes hi this is Karen from Portland. Last time we had the gathering a comment was made to get out of the stock market and that just kind of triggered a follow-up question for me to. That’s pretty much a 3-D paradigm so if I’m not operating… It’s not my money it’s my mother’s and I’m in charge of her finances so that triggered me to why was that comment made to get out of the stock market if all this financial abundance is coming in. I would just like some clarity on that please.


OWS”: Yes based on the situation at the time we were speaking in terms of what is coming, in terms of moving ahead into and through the transition here. So the idea of the stock market, as you know it, and it being completely contrived and controlled, it is not what most people throughout the planet or at least in this country believe it is. It is something that has been manipulated and the manipulation just like all of the 3-D paradigm will be going away. So we’re saying, when this was spoken, to get out of the stock market – this was in terms of the future as it is coming here. In the present moment yes we would say to you this is time to begin to pull out of the 3-D world as much as possible, which of course the stock market is part of this. And to allow for other forces to come into play here, to assist you. And they will be coming, as you know of these things as NESARA, as the revaluation and global currency reset and all of these things. These are not figments of our imagination or others that are coming up with this. This is real, it is coming and it is coming fast upon you now. And as we have said, many times, these things have already happened at the higher levels. They just need to come down into your 3-D understanding here so for those that do not have the eyes to see or the ears to hear, they need to see things before they believe them, this is part of the transition that is coming and is already upon you.


Question: I agree with all of that – so would people lose that money that’s in the stock market. Once again I have to convince my mother to let me take all of her money out of the stock market and I’m sure that other people out there are helping their parents with their money. Is that what I’m hearing? That they would lose it all because it is illusionary, I understand that.


OWS”: You cannot lose something you do not have, you see? (Laughter) And that is a part of the illusion. So if it were true that as the changes happen here, as Sananda has said, as the dominoes fall then these things that have been propped up – this entire system – will be falling along with it. So the house of cards, the cards are going to be toppled and all it is is a house of cards at this point. (Ok thank you for that clarity, most appreciated)  Anything to add here Ashira?


“Ashira”: What we would say in the situation is that don’t think of this as something that she is going to be losing but know that at the time this all takes place there are other funds that will be giving her…new funds, new monies to work with and that money that she has in the stock market is going to be more, more than what she has now.


OWS”: Yes and we were just reminded here by James who jumped in here and said don’t forget about the movie that he just watched, The Big Short? It will explain a great deal to you about all of this and how it has been manipulated and shifted to go according to the cabal and the Wall Street and all of this as they have wanted. But again it is all toppling. (Yes, I agree-thank you)


Anne DeHart: “Okay that sounds like we’ve got a completion there on that question that as Karen said it is affecting many people. Thank you for that question Karen. Don’t forget to touch number one for me please Karen in Portland. I just opened 661 ending in 0270. We’re waiting for your introduction and one quick question.


Question: Hi, I’m sending much love Deb in Helena, Montana. I guess I just want to ask, like you know, it’s very encouraging when we hear were at the last moments…and it’s very uplifting and very exhausting as well to, you know, a couple of years of gearing up yourself to, like any moment, that waiting place. So I understand all the reasons but I might not be the only one… I don’t really remember what my mission is or what I’m here to do except to raise my vibration and be as loving as I can and experience that, like you know…for me the waiting is part imagining what will occur after that first domino falls so waiting for the first domino is kinda huge and I just feel so exhausted.


Ashira”: We will be happy to answer this first. This is something that you describe that everyone in this room and everyone on the call can probably nod in agreement. This has been a difficult journey, full of highs and full of lows, and you can be moving along in a week such as this has been, moving forward, moving forward seeming as if everything is going to fall into place and then be told it’s waiting. We know this, we share this with you, we ask you to ask us to help you, to let us embrace you and fill you with strength and love and unity that we have to give. We know that this seems as if it’s going on forever and yet when you look back at this brief time that it has taken, when you have all and you are dancing in the streets and celebrating, this will seem as if nothing. So just keep the faith dear one. Your job at this point in time is to maintain your frequency, to do what you can to raise your vibration, to be with people that you can share with openly and have support and to know that you are near the end of your race. One Who Serves?


OWS”: Yes and we would add to this along with what Ashira has said can go back a very long, long time. A very long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away even as you know at those times you were going to come into this reality and be a part of this experiment and be a part of this great transition and plan here. And that was so long ago but yet here you are now. And you look at this as a few years has gone by since your 2012, when all of the hubbub was happening at that time in your December 2012, and many became disappointed. And now it is three years later and here you are still and it has not happened yet. But as Ashira has said look at the big picture here. Many, many lifetimes waiting for this opportunity, waiting for this moment, and here it is now. So if you will look back on it and it will not seem so prestigious to you at that time, okay? (Thank you and yes please – I welcome any assistance thank you, thank you so much).


Anne DeHart: Okay. And thank you Deb in Montana – I’m closing your line and asking that you touch number one to clear the question queue as I open 541 ending in 0339. Introduce yourself and your one question.


Question: This is Larry, Ashland Oregon. How’s everyone? Zorra calls me Zirsta when we’re walking on the mountain together (laughter), anyway… There has been some work done with the Englewood fault with the earthquakes in Southern California. Just recently it’s been brought up on the news and everyone is speaking about Seattle, Vancouver B.C., Salem Oregon, Portland… Talking about an earthquake that’s going to affect people all the way to I-5. Now that is quite a severe earthquake if it affects somebody all the way to I-5. From Salem to the coast – what that’s 65 miles? Now I know that Japan has gotten through and we’re not beyond these things happening because Mother Earth has to clear. I know we’re not going to be on this planet when she makes the final clearance. So is this earthquake that affects Salem, Oregon particularly – I have interest in that because I moved from there and retired from there and started working in the Shasta-Ashland area because I was led to.  I’m a little bit concerned because I don’t think any of my family will listen to me if I try to present this in even the most positive way that I can because their lives, their school, their careers…they’re in their 30s and 40s…is so set. I don’t know how I would talk them into this. So my question is to the One Who Serves and the rest of you is it true that there’s going to be an earthquake so severe or is that just mere smoke? As our vibrations raise, can this be averted? That’s my question.


OWS”:  We can say to you that it has already been averted, many times over. There have been many occasions where your cabal, those forces could have created this type of earthquake… Why do you think it has not happened? It is because they are not allowed to this, they cannot…and those particular activities within the earth herself, these things happen yes of course but they have been mitigated very much by those of our brothers and sisters from above. They have been working at this, they can relieve tensions here and there and they can do many things. They have saved this planet again and again and again because this planet is meant to go on. You on this planet are meant to go on. You are very important in the entire scheme of things. We are very important…we are part of you…when we think of you it’s us too and we are here and bodies as well. So you see all of this is part of the program, part of the process here and there’s nothing to be concerned about. Except for those that have contracts and they came in here to go through various types of things – whether it’s karma or whatever it might be. They know this deep within them – they know that they are going to have to deal with this but this is becoming less and less as well. For you see many have begun to move beyond those contracts that they created and you can do this as you move up in the vibrations. You can begin to do this just ask, ask for help, ask for guidance and it will come to you. Ashira, do you have anything to add here?


Ashira”: We will just add this. Dear one, you obviously have the right attitude. (Thank you) Think of those who read these reports, see the YouTube, read the information that’s being put up there. This is a way of affecting people’s emotions which of course the cabal benefits from that. As indeed One Who Serves said all of this is going past, we are going past this is a human race. And those of us who are on this side are working very strongly to rid the negativity from these reports and to lead all, all, into the positive viewpoint that things are changing. And things are changing for the best. We are glad that you asked this question and bless you.


(I appreciate the confirmation because I was told that right away when this started coming over, Zorra had to address it. It was on the Internet, on YouTube, over and over and over. And I just sat down for a minute and what I’m hearing is it’s just not going to happen. There is only Light and Love and Unity. This is the Aquarian Age. This is the time that we win, by that I mean it’s love which always is. We’re all standing together as One as Peter Olson says the One and the Many. And that is by Creative Design from the onset. I was told that none of this is going to happen yet those who have made the contract I understand but we are all going to be okay. This is the time to start thinking positive, every second, every day, every emotion let it go through and always bring yourself back to your heart and your love and that’s what I’m getting when I started hearing this – that it’s not going to happen like this).


OWS”: Yes. (Thank you – I love you all, I’ll sign off)


Anne DeHart: Okay. Thank you Larry thank you for the question. Alright closing your line, don’t forget to touch number one for me Larry in Ashland and also Deb in Montana please touch one for me and remove yourself from our question queue. I’m opening 607 ending in 9400 – what a great number. Come on.


Question: Uh yeah this is Glenn from Binghamton, New York. And sorry I’m not hearing you… Okay, my question is for you all and I’d like to say hello and thank you for your time. I know that we’re going to be moving into a more energetic field of energy over the next couple of weeks and I have been having problems clearing I guess my chakras and opening up to my Higher Self and I was wondering if you had any tips for myself or anyone else that may be interested in opening their Higher Self.


OWS”: The first thing about your Higher Self is realizing that the Higher Self even exists and that it is you. It is not a different part of…it is not separate from you…knowing that it is you. This is one of the most difficult things with the largest programming tactics that the cabal has used over the many thousands of years here: that you are separate from your Higher Self. You are not, you are One. So as you speak to your Higher Self speak to yourself, you see? You are not speaking to a Being up in the clouds somewhere like many of the religions teach – it is not that. The kingdom of God is within. This is what Yeshua said, did he not? The kingdom of God is within. So find that within yourself – that is what we would say here. Ashira?


Ashira”: We are curious about your comment about your chakras. Your chakras are perfect, exactly as you are. And if you sit in meditation and imagine Mother Earth reaching through your feet bringing that energy up, moving through the chakras, through the base chakra, through all of your chakras into the high point chakra and allowing that to all flow perfectly and easily through your body and then at that point in time bring the Higher Self into your heart, into yourself, and know that you are operating at full capacity. And have faith about that. There’s not a lot of work that you need to be done my friend. These are times to move forward in full capacity. Bless you. (Thank you, bless you all)


Anne DeHart: Thank you Glenn, good question. I appreciate that clarification for everybody. I’m closing your line Glenn – you will touch number one please… You did, thank you and 360 ending in 9642 you’re open. Your introduction please and your question.


Question: Hi everyone. Greetings and sending much love. This is Fran from Washington state and my question is regarding the Supreme Court justice Scalia and I want to know was he cloned and why did he suddenly die so quickly?


OWS”: The reason for this one’s passing on was part of the contract that this one came in with to bring about that notification or notice to himself and to the whole entire process. And whether he was murdered or not, all of these questions that came up, we say to you that it is not, of course, the way that they originally said. He did not commit suicide – that was not a part of this. And many of those that have been so-called “suicided” over the years, that was not so. They have been “taken out” you might say. And the reasons for this “taking him out” are very deep on many levels and we cannot go into that at this time but understand that it is all part of the process. And this one, this judge, he agreed to come and be a part of this process before he even came into this lifetime. And there were those moments where he was going to have been turned to the dark side and was not. He was saved, you might say. Anything to add here Ashira?


Ashira”: Well she asked if he was a clone and we would say no.


OWS”: Very good. Does this answer your question? (Thank you very much and love to you all)


Anne DeHart: Okay thank you. These are good questions. None of you are asking personal questions which we are very appreciative of. Fran I just closed your line – you can touch one now. We’re getting questions that are appropriate for all of us. I’m opening 215 ending in 7497 – we’d like your name and your question please.


Question: Hello everybody this is Kathy in Philly and that’s what I was going to say; the quality and the level of the questions are really fabulous. They’re in so many arenas that we all want to know. What here’s one that I feel falls into this being a unique question and that is, you know, we all know that the darker energies have been weeded out over time over years and years and years in the process of elimination and clearing out the universe. We still know that the war continues between the dark and the light and I guess the question is what percentage, if I could ask it this way, what percentage of the dark is gone? Because recognizing that until the media, we see it on the news regularly on our many channels of communication that we’ll recognize when there is no more darkness. We’ll see for sure that there’s a change in our whole lifestyle because of what is being revealed and the level from which it’s being revealed. So we know the media is going to be clear at some point. What percentage are we at in clearing all of this out on a 1 to 10 percentagewise?


Ashira”: This is a funny question you ask (Laughter) because there is an answer, perhaps, but perhaps even more there is a perception that is so different around this globe. And that’s because the media that is in charge has their messages and yet have you noticed, those of you that watch the media, that there are more stories coming across that have nothing to do with the struggle between dark and light? Have you noticed in Facebook pages, in YouTubes that you are looking at, there is not much darkness out there? There is actually a much larger percentage of the light stories coming through and so we are not going to answer you. One Who Serves may have a response for you but we say that the darkness seems to be oppressive if you are one who looks for it. But for those who look for the light, those who look for lightness in their lives, lightness in what they create, lightness in what they allow into their own systems are finding Light much more easily. One Who Serves, how would you answer this question?


OWS”: We would say here that your saying earlier about a war going on and we would say that the war is over. The battles continue. There are battles, there are skirmishes, we will not even say battles, there are skirmishes here and there. There are those attempts here and there to delay the process. They delay it and delay it, wanting to delay it another day, another week, another month, whatever it is. But those delays are going to become harder and harder for them to do because the “business as usual” that they have become accustomed to is no longer working. The programming they have attempted to put across the entire planet is no longer working. There are many across the planet that are awakening, yourselves, and all of those that you are helping to awaken, and all of those that they are helping to awaken, and so on and so on. And this is a higher awakening process across the planet. And don’t forget what Sanat Kumara spoke about – the Initiation process – that is also almost upon most of you here. And there is the wave of consciousness that is coming, the next wave. You have heard there are going to be three waves – the second one is nearly here. So there are so many things that are in the works and it is just a matter of frequency, not time, but frequency. And these changes will more fully be developed here and those that are wanting to see something occur in their 3-dimensional world will begin to see those things, you see?


(I just want to say that as I was thinking it and voicing it I had a thought in the back of my mind on the word “war”. I had a mental, internal check that said “probably not the best word” and then you just confirmed that so thanks for that piece. I guess I just know that we are all in the right place at the right time, holding that space. And many of us don’t even look at the news on TV – I know I certainly haven’t for a super long time, but we get it no matter wherever we go…it’s always present. So I thank you for your helping me to see that from another perspective and I appreciate it). Just know that in your mass media there is no new news, it’s all same old thing.


Anne DeHart: (laughter). Oh dear that’s  true, they’re in a rut and we’re going to do something about it (laughter).  Kathy thank you, thank you for your question it was very nicely worded and we appreciate that. I’m closing your line Kathy please touch number one for me and will have a nice clean telephone queue as I open 586. I’m going to 586 ending in 5457. Your name and question please.


Question: Hi this is Gail in the Michigan. I understand that we are going to be going off the fossil fuels in the near future in order to help Mother Earth heal and I wondered if you could share with us anything about the new transportation systems that would be available to us?


OWS”: This, like anything else, is going to be part of the transition. There will be a transition period where your devices will turn into new devices and more advanced devices, and they will turn into more advanced devices yet. And as the vibrations increase these devices will increase along with it until the point where they come into working directly with consciousness. And at that point you will have arrived in terms of your Ascension process. And when that has occurred there will be no need for devices, you see? It is all part of the transition. Now we are not going to say that this is going to be an overnight transition; it will take a little bit of time as you know it. But things are coming, they are changing. The idea of the fossil fuels in the ground that is the old paradigm, that is what they used to rape the earth you might say, you see? That is part of the old ways of doing things; the new ways are coming through the use of solar energy, the use of wind energy, the use of plasmic energy, use of etheric energy and so on and so on. All of these things are coming and of course as we say consciousness, itself, will drive your various devices. Anything to add here Ashira?


Ashira”:  Also think, think of having a transporter beam that will take you from your room in your home to another part of the world. There are so many devices that people are dreaming of, thinking of, now that will indeed be a part of your very glorious future.


OWS”: Think of “Star Trek the Next Generation”, especially and all of the “Beam me up Scotty”, all of this. This is what you would have had if it hadn’t been for those of the forces, the dark forces, holding you back. (Thank you)


Anne DeHart: That was great, very interesting. We are getting some really good subjects here. Keep them coming folks, something that we’re all interested in. Gail I’ve closed your line and I’d like you to please touch number one and 708 ending in 0908 I just opened your line.Please introduce yourself and your one question. 708 you’re open. 708 ending in 0908 I’d hate to see you lose your place.


Question: Hi thank you. Okay my name is Pam I’m from Indiana and I thank you for the call, I thank everybody. Like I said, there’s a lot I don’t understand but I’m trying and I’m going to get to that place. My question is how do you minister to people, where can I find depth information on this so I can help somebody else?


Ashira”: Yes I’ll take this one first. (Thank you) I can feel your heart, I can sense that you have a lot that you know that puts you ahead of those who know nothing. And it seems very frustrating sometimes for those who are striving to learn. This group, indeed, had a small chuckle when you talked about your level of knowing and where you are going because there is a large, there is a long…I cannot think of the word…there’s a lot of people who are on the path and they’re along the path in different stages in your job at this point in time is to reach back to those who have not yet awakened or are just beginning, because you already know more than they do. We would say that you can stay in touch through groups such as this. Maybe there are those in your area who are expanding and learning more as well. (Okay) The biggest part is remember that as you learn, that not everything is true that you read. That you have your own discernment in the pit of your stomach that will tell you when something is right or wrong (correct) for you at this time or you in the future. We are proud of you, you are doing a good job.


(Thank you and I know that discernment and I understand that even when you may not know a lot about a certain thing but even in your spirit, in your knowing, it doesn’t sound right. And one and one has to make two to me). That’s right and that is an outstanding quality to continue to nurture. (Okay) One Who Serves? (I thank you and appreciate you all of you so much).


“OWS”: If you wish to have the opportunity for learning more or becoming more awakened or more aware of things that are going on so that you understand these things which are spoken of in these groups such as this, then we would say to utilize your simple, your Internet, and go on there…


(I do, I really do and I research it. If I’m not reading my Bible, I’m researching or I’m somewhere helping somebody). Very good.


Anne DeHart: Yeah, and we always try to put it in their language so then that way they don’t feel intimidated, you put it in their language. (Right, okay thank you). Thank you, there you go I’m closing your line, thank you for the good question. Don’t forget to touch number one for me please and I’m going to 786. 786 ending in 3171 – come on you are open – we’d like your name and your question. 786 come on now don’t get lost. 786 ending in 3171 is open. What a shame, I’m sorry I’m going to have to close you. Okay bye 786 ending in 3171 – I’m closing your line and I’ll have to put a “no answer” so I’ll know that we did address you. Alright and I’m going to 928 ending in 1498. Come on we want to hear your name and location and your question.


Question: Hello my name is Sue in Arizona and my question has to do with the work that I’m mostly participating in in this life working with seniors, elders, those who are aging. Most of my work has been with agencies that have been government-funded and or bureaucratic and filled with paperwork. And, you know, there are many basic needs that still need to be filled for people. There are still so many people who are hungry in this wealthy country of ours. There are still people who need housing – many of her seniors are warehoused in nursing homes. And I have this vision that is coming to me more and more to, with these RV funds coming through, to activate services for these individuals without bureaucracy, without paperwork, without the old paradigm of how they’ve been taken care of and establishing rejuvenation centers, healing centers for people to be well and to live and not feel hopeless, depressed about their circumstances. But before people can sometimes move up to feeling a sense of reaching further to wake up, those basic needs of food and shelter have to be met. Here’s my question having given you that background and thank you for listening, I’m hearing to go on with your plans, activating them now. So even though I don’t have these funds with me to enable me to start all of this I can certainly start looking at land, office buildings, talking with people, recruiting a team to help me accomplish some of this and I guess (muffled)… I’d like some confirmation about this being a part of my lifetime and my purpose but secondarily my question is also with the planetary shift and an increase in vibrations, you know, are we still going to need to focus on supplying people with their basic needs and helping them to complete their shift to this new vibration? I hope that makes sense.


OWS”: Yes we can answer that question very simply. All of these things that we have been speaking about and speaking about are coming about. So the idea of finding your basic survival needs, this is across the entire planet we speak here. There are many that are starving or thirsting across the planet and this is not something to feel like you are responsible for or anything of this nature. Although you are your brother’s keeper in a sense. But to understand that all of these things will be taken care of – there is this what you call the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – some of you know what this means and this is the need for the basic survival being met first. And it is all going to be met as this transition occurs with the new financial system because the money is going to be spread out across the planet, across the entire planet. Yes there are those in other countries and things that do not even know what to do with money or anything of this nature, but for them it is getting water or food or shelter or clothing or whatever is needed. And once the basic needs are taken care of across the planet then these ones can begin to look at the higher levels in terms of becoming aware and awakened and all of this. So all of this is about balance, we are speaking of balance here, of NESARA and of moving to the new Republic here in your country and all of this is about balance. Bringing balance into the equation, bringing balance through this transition that you are moving through. Ashira? Anything to add here?


Ashira”: Well we would add that, bravo, that you have a path that is opening for you and you say that you are hearing this more and more and more. And while all of these things are provided, it takes people who care such as you to provide and open the doors. We would say continue to open, continue to be open, continue to listen to what your guidance says, and even though you know that all of these things are to be provided that this is a transition too. And that there is a way for you to be of service in this matter and we are very proud of your sharing this with us. Thank you. Bless you. (Okay thank you so much).


Anne DeHart: Well that’s more good news and again good question. I’m closing your line Sue, thank you. Be sure and touch number one. Those that have already spoken Sue we need you to touch number one, and Deann your hand is still up so if you will touch number one for me. 708 ending in 0908 I need you to touch number one. Okay were going to move on now 970 ending in 3786 you’re up and your line is open. We’re waiting to hear your name and your question.


Question: Yes hello Anne and all. This is Barbara in Colorado. This is an extraordinary call and thank you, thank you, thank you. My question is if you could speak on the higher purpose. Before I choose to believe that everything, even if it looks dark, there’s a gift or a higher purpose to it all, about those who are running for president in our country who feel like they’re rallying people from hatred, fear, separation, control. You know, bringing out the worst in these people to follow. And I was on a call yesterday and had people from all over the country, all over the world, and there was a person who called in from Ireland and a person who called in from Australia and they are feeling fear because they see and they cannot believe who is running for president here. That the possibility that some of where these people are coming from could be president of this country. And what it brings up in me, and I think it is for many, is memories of the time of Hitler, the times when it was so hard to believe that people could be so brainwashed to be part of or not do anything about the killing of fellow brothers and sisters here. So can you talk about the higher purpose – if there is a higher purpose is stirring it up to be cleared? And I hope it is. Can you really explain what that’s about?


OWS”: Yes. Look across the planet, certainly in this country as you are speaking of the elections, and look at those people that are becoming awakened to the election process and are saying now like they never did before “why even bother voting…our vote does not matter”, you see? And they are looking at the candidates in this James has a saying here vote “none of the above” (laughter) so this is not so much what is happening yet but many are becoming aware and awakened to the idea that we do not want business as usual anymore. We do not want politicians to run the country anymore. But you see all of this will be taken care of with the announcement of the new Republic – all of that is still coming. And the idea that your Hillary Clinton being president? No that will not happen, it will never even get close to that point. There are many who think she is the one for president but look at who is saying that, you see? What you must come to understand is that there are those who are still within the programming and those ones are still buying into the business as usual. But more and more and more are awakening to the idea that no, we do not want this anymore. We want a fair election process, we want to actually be able to have a say in what is happening, you see? Ashira you add here?


Ashira”: Enough is enough. (laughter)


OWS”: Yes, enough is enough.


(May I ask a question about the one that mostly pushes my button is Trump because the amount of people…I mean I have watched…and I only allow myself to watch a few times to get a sense of what the heck is going on and I mean these are thousands of people and it feels like the energy of like Hitler times and it feels like it’s all about these people are angry, they’re against other people and so can you speak about that? Is it ready to be, you know, there are just so many people who are following this and being drawn into it. Is it just showing us that there is still that mentality to be transmuted or what?)


Ashira”: Yes indeed you answered your own question. This group talks about this every week. Who would’ve thought that Donald Trump who’s had TV shows about firing people (laughter) would be the one running for president and claiming so much aplomb with other people with the communities. We would suggest to you that you need to go back and allow for this to come to the surface as a cleansing and to know that this is not something that is going to occur. The e presidential race will not take place much longer for the new government is ready to take over and move you onto your golden way, your new way of being. And so and you personally, look at it, allow it to come to the highest good and know that it is not long for this world, so to speak, alright? (Yes, thank you so very much). You’re welcome. Bless you.


Anne DeHart: Great thank you Barbara. Wow,we’re getting some great information here. Barbara please touch number one for me. Deeann up there at 708 area code and those of you that have already spoke I’d like you to touch number one I think you said you’re in Indiana, I didn’t get it written down. 708 ending in 0908 your hand is still up – I’d like you to touch number one. Okay now let’s go on to… I’m going to give 786 a chance. They may have been dragged away from the phone when they were unable to answer. 786 ending in 3171 I’m giving you a second chance – your line is open.


Ashira”: One Who Serves, how many more phone calls do we wish to take to allow Geoff time?


OWS”: Three more.


Anne DeHart: 786 ending in 3171 are you there? Okay 786 is being closed again you’ve had two opportunities.


Ashira”: Anne, we would like to say we will take three more calls because we know what we have ties us up today.


Anne DeHart: Okay and I have about five. This is the order in which you are listed so the ones that are going to be able to speak, I’m going straight down the line is 505 you’re going to be next, that’s 505 ending in 1843. And 978 ending in your 8364 and 352 ending in 3087. If I did not call your number those are the last three that will be able to include and I would like the rest of you to go ahead and lower your hands so that it keeps things a little uncomplicated for us here. So if you touch number one to lower your hands if you are not listed. And with that, I’m going to 505 ending in 1843. You’re number one, come on.


Question: Hi One Who Serves and Ashira and Anne and everybody in Arizona. This is Sue in New Mexico, next door. As we all know the movie Spotlight won best picture at the Academy Awards so I wanted to have the One Who Serves or Ashira speak on when is the human trafficking on this world going to stop? I saw that the picture won so I was surprised so if you’d speak on this a little bit. Because I feel like this is the crux that is going on on this world that is the negative energy that is going around. And when this all comes to the surface I feel like everybody’s going to go “oh no”. So if you could address this please?


OWS”: Yes, you see all of this is also part of the process to bring this to a head, bring it to the understanding of the populace out there that sees this within movies and such. And they can begin to awaken to what is been going on. So all of this is part of the transition and it is going to continue to come up, more things are going to come up, more things about the various persecution across the planet and the, what is your pedophile, types of things that are going on that many people are completely unaware of. But that is coming, these things are bringing these things to a head and they will bring about a shift in consciousness as more and more begin to use the phrase “enough is enough”. Ashira?


Ashira”: I do not think so – you did great. Thank you.


OWS”: Very good. (Yes and I just wanted to ask everybody on this phone call to pray for this to stop. Thank you.) Yes.


Anne DeHart: Yes. We are all in agreement with that one. Thank you Sue and we do from our hearts. I’m closing your line and asking Sue to touch number one so that clears our queue. I’m going to, we have two more, the next one is 978 ending in 8364 and the line is open. Please introduce yourself and your one question.


Question: Yes I am Linda calling from New Mexico and I’d like to say greetings to all my new friends, Ancient Awakenings, I was fortunate enough to be there last Sunday. (Hello) And my question is about food and crops and the ability of the earth to release more of the dry areas into wet areas and the less cold in the very cold, so that there is more food and abundance and water for the people. Can we expect that happening before Gaia goes into Ascension?


OWS”: Ashira do you wish to go first?


Ashira”: Yes I will start with this thank you. We will say that there are so many new paths for food to come into this human body. And with the changes that are taking place new food, clean food, first will be available across the planet. Russia is in big production for organic foods. There are so many sources outside this country that provide clean food. And the concern about what will happen before Gaia ascends is not a concern because as this process moves forward we’ll be moving into replicator energies. And that takes food and makes it totally differently, totally differently, and will be perfect for every person’s body. So be patient and know that this is happening even as we speak now. One Who Serves?


OWS”: Yes and look at the weather as it is going to shift as well across the entire planet so all will have optimum conditions. No more freezing cold and no more blistering heat – those of you here in Arizona know what we speak of here. (Laughter) You see? All of this is going to shift and and change and be a optimum type of climate such as your Hawaii and this type of thing. So this is all too becoming and there will be no longer…you might have a little difficulty with those who like to ski and things like that (laughter) that may be a little tough but it will be a transition. And it is not overnight – you will come to appreciate it as it happens and continues to facilitate across the planet. (Thank you very much)


Anne DeHart: Okay thank you Linda. Great, love these questions. What a show! Go ahead and touch number one for us please Linda. Our last question is coming up from area code 352 ending in 3087 and there goes your line. There you go 352 you’re open and we’re waiting for your introduction and your one question.


Question: This is Rod from Florida – I hope you’re getting some sleep lately (Anne DeHart: I did thank you). I want to thank Barbara for her question on the election. I was starting to lose my ability to ration this thing out (laughter) but I think that answer helped quite a bit. Incidentally here’s my question – what stage are we in relative to bodies switch from carbon to crystallization and also the next part of the question, will it assist us in providing ourselves self-healing?


OWS”: Yes and yes. (Laughter) You are already in the process of changing from your carbon-based bodies to crystalline; as you continue to raise your vibration this will occur most naturally. But there were also be the assistance of the crystal chambers and all of this that will be introduced to you when the time and frequencies are right, okay? (Thank you – appreciate it). Ashira, anything to add?


Ashira”: No thank you.


OWS”: Very good.


Question: Have you got any suggestions as to what you might suggest we do in relationship to self-healing other than visualization?


OWS”: In terms of your self-healing, with raising your vibrations healing will come naturally. It is all part of consciousness, that is all it is. As your consciousness raises, your healing increases and develops and all of these maladies and ailments, things that you have been programmed to believe, are no longer going to be there.  (Thank you very much. I appreciate it.) It’s all part of the “believing is seeing”.


Anne DeHart: Great one thank you Rod – you just keep those vibes clearing, purifying. You know the higher we get, the more we drop off and leave behind. Thank you Rod I’m closing your line. Please touch number one. That leaves only one hand up that we are not addressing and I apologize and that is to 610 ending in 1444. You’re I’m sorry you were not…


OWS”: We can take one more – we’ll take one last one.


Anne DeHart: I was hoping you would say that (laughter). I was hoping, thank you. Okay here we go I’ve opened your line 610 ending in 1444. Special dispensation for you (laughter)


(Question & conversation related to how to get in touch with Ancient Awakenings by going to our meetup website: www.meetup.com/ancient-awakenings)


OWS”: Yes very good and we would add here that in order to find this group Ancient Awakenings, they are going to be sharing this at the end so no problems there. No worries as the saying goes. Now we wish to end here with something about this one who is going to speak. His name is Geoffrey and he has come into this group, he has been guided very strongly, to bring about a message, to bring a device that he has come in contact with. He did not develop it directly but he has come in contact with the one who did develop it. And the one who did develop it was given it from one that came from Lemuria, one who was near and dear to all of us here. Her name is Kathleen and she came here from Lemuria to give this particular device, it is an ancient Atlantean and Lemurian device, and it powers a series of plugs, as we understand. It that can alter the negativity in a room or in a house or in a building or an entire plant, just by a single plug, because it has been attuned to the energies coming from Atlantis and Lemuria and this type of thing. It is one of its kind and he is the one who possesses this at this time. So he is going to speak about this in a moment here when he has the opportunity after Ashira has closed out here. So that is what we wish to say. We welcome all of you and we say bye-bye for now. (Laughter) Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.


Ashira”: Well again we are so pleased to be with all of you today. We know that these are troubling times if you pay attention to the news. But turned within, turn to those who maintain a similar frequency to you, turn to those who are working to maintain and to move forward on the path that you are on. I hope that we have answered questions for you today about the election that is not going to take place (laughter), about those who bring negative thoughts to your mind which are not going to happen. These are the days for all of you to be giving great joy and thankfulness every moment, every day. For these are the times that you have been looking for, and you are the ones you have been looking for. Geoff, would you like to come forward closer to the speaker and share today? Thank you.


Geoffrey Radford:

My name is Geoffrey Radford. 30 years ago I met a man who doesn’t know how he met me, it seems strange but that’s it. He didn’t know how he got to where he was to meet me. Anyway he invited me to a party, it wasn’t a party really it was a meeting, and I decided I have nothing else to do, I’ll go to this meeting. It was a health expo. He asked me to look at a certain person, it was Penny, and just watch her. He said “I’m going up to the dais and I’m going to give a speech…after the speech just watch Penny and see what happens.” And so he goes up and gives a speech and comes back and I watched Penny. And she stands up in the most vicious woman arrives, her name is Kathleen. Off come the glasses, there is no limp, she walks up to the dais, gives her speech and the first things out of her mouth were, “ I am from Lemuria and I was a healer in Atlantis 26 million years ago.”


Now, the business of the meeting was all about crystals. To cut a long story short, Kathleen was here to fix man-made projects all over the world by a certain frequency. When she’d given her speech she walked down the aisle, now I’d never met her, she put her arms around me and said “you’ve got a lot of work to do”. Well this is my first knowledge of this sort of thing so I just put it in the back of my mind and that was that. It’s been 30 years and I’ve been banged around and what have you, nothing ever really happened until about three months ago, three or four months ago. As the plug which was developed through the ages, through my age anyway, it has a frequency. Now you’re all clever people; this frequency neutralizes toxicity. I can’t explain it any simpler than that. I’ll leave it to your own imagination.


Cost and Address:

And you can buy this plug; the cost is $30 plus shipping – I figure $7 would be for shipping – so the total cost is $37. My address is, everybody got a pencil and paper? 4700 East Main, Mesa, AZ 85205. The name is G. Radford (repeated address & cost). You send me a check (personal money order is accepted –  added after group discussion) and I will process the plug to you.

(James McConnell: Geoff why don’t you share some of the things that it has done that you are aware of).


This plug will, once it’s in your house after 2 days, will completely transform everything in your house. For instance, if you had gone to the grocery store and you bought some vegetables that had been sprayed with chemicals. In 2 days they would become organic because the chemicals have been neutralized completely. What it does to food, for instance, say you have a carrot and it’s in the ground. There’s a certain amount of energy in that carrot; when you take it out of the ground it loses energy. Once you start cutting it and cutting it and cutting it, it will lose more energy. You can take one piece of that carrot and leave it in your house, on something which I’m going to explain in a minute, and it will go back to exactly the same state that it was in the ground.

Cell Phone Uses – after charged with the Plug

Now all of you I would like to, once you get this plug, plug it in and plug your cell phone into another outlet on your house and just let it charge up. That frequency will then be transferred into your telephone so now you can use your telephone as a helping hand in doing vegetables or anything. Because the cell phone now will do something in 3 minutes what it would take the plug to do in 2 days. For instance, if you have those vegetables that you bring it back from the grocery store and you have a little platform that you can have your cell phone under. You put the vegetables on it you can leave it there for a half an hour, whatever you wish, it will neutralize everything there instantaneously. Now you can put it in the fridge, done! But remember if it is being done by the plug it takes 2 days.


Now this was discovered with coffee. Most people believe coffee is a nice drink; it is, and I drink it myself every day. But when the plug goes into a house the only thing that I have ever found that does not go according to the spin that it should is coffee. It takes 2 days to change the coffee to a spin of positive energy. Now from what I understand, way, way, way, way, way, way back coffee was banned in Europe for this particular reason. This is going back a long time.


From what, also, I was told that medicine started in the early days with two ways of curing. One was chemical and the other was color. Color was tossed aside and medicine came through. Now this energy comes from a color and I think it comes from those times. I know I’ve been a bit discombobulated.


James McConnell:  Let me just say something here about what Geoff didn’t say. There is a particular device that, I can’t remember the guy’s name, but that he received from Kathleen (the one from Lemuria) and he received how to build this device. It is a crystalline device, it has a number of different colors on it. We’ve seen it and it’s like a plate – that particular plate is what powers all of these plugs. So once the plugs are in contact with this plate, they are completely powered from there on. So this device is Atlantean, Lemurian, ancient; and that’s what’s needed here. So the plugs that he’s selling are the ones that will actually transmit the energies. If everyone had a plug on the planet it would transmit it across the entire planet, whereas he is saying the cell phone can also transmit the energies as well. You can marry two cell phones together and that will transmit the energies as well to be able to neutralize these negative energies in any place that you are. So that’s the whole idea here – it’s another example of the new devices that they’ve been telling us are coming out. And these devices now are coming out more and more and more, you’re hearing about them all the time, so this is one example and Geoff happened to come to our group and I think he sold plugs to everybody in the group here and then some. And I believe they are having an effect on a number of people here so maybe at some other point we can have some people share their experiences. But it is real and it is something that is not, as the One Who Serves says, not “business as usual”anymore. It’s all new now so I just wanted to share that.



Geoffrey: I could give you an example of what it can do in a house. Buy some flowers, put some water in a cup, jug, whatever. And put the jug on your cell phone once it’s been charged. Pour the water into a vase and put your flowers in it. So far we’ve got flowers that have been lasting from, what was it… (I’ve had some last two weeks) no this was much more…it’s gone from Valentine’s Day and is still blooming. The energy is there and that’s what it’s doing.


James McConnell:  What we’re going to do here in the group is we’re going to have people start sharing their experiences. I know you guys share that on Hollow Earth Network with different kinds of items and everything appearing on there so we’ll do the same thing and we’ll report back to you as to the successes that we’re having and then it’s up to you. Okay so that’s it we appreciate all of you being on. I just wanted to…somebody had brought up during the channeling about wanting to know how to get onto Ancient Awakenings and joining possibly . And that website is Meetup.com/ancient-awakenings (make sure you put in the –) and that will enable you to go on and see what we do, see what people say and everything and you can join and then you can RSVP if you’d like to participate in our Sunday, our regular Sunday, calls over a conference call type of setting. And we’re eventually going to looking at moving to some videoconferencing as well. So I just wanted to make sure everyone understood and knows that. Anything you want to say Sue?


Dr. Susan Sammarco: Thank you Anne and everybody. It’s been a wonderful.


James: Thank you Anne for everything you do.


Anne DeHart: Oh we’re delighted that we have the opportunity to ride this trip with you. It’s just wonderful and we’re looking forward to the next call which will be on that Wednesday, as I understand it, the third Wednesday in March which would be the 16th of March. And that would precede Easter. What day is Easter?


Dr. Susan Sammarco: The 27th of March.


Anne DeHart: Oh okay so it will precede Easter and it will be the Wednesday before Ash Wednesday then, okay. Okay so we see where we fit in that. Just wonderful. Thank you so much – we’ll see you guys on Wednesday then and we’ll get the word out. I, for some reason, each time Geoffrey gave his last name, for some reason I didn’t feel like I was getting it correctly. Could someone give that to me one more time please?


Geoffrey Radford: Radford R-A-D-F-O-R-D.


Anne DeHart: Oh well I’ve known that name a long time. Radford… Good name Geoffrey.


James McConnell: And Geoffrey is spelled with a “G”.


Anne DeHart: Oh well that’s important. G-E-O-F-F-R-E-Y. and I think I got your address 4700 E. Main, Mesa AZ 85205. Would you like to require postal money orders for this? Would that make it easier for you, Geoffrey?


Geoffrey Radford: Whichever way would be easy, whichever way it comes. Yes that would be fine.


Anne DeHart: Okay why have the correct spelling of your name. Did you want, you gave us the initial G, and then Radford.


Geoffrey: Either way, it’s just making it simpler on the check.


Anne DeHart: I understand for people like me that didn’t write fast enough. But I got it all and I have a tablet full of notes (laughter). Well we love you guys and we’re very delighted to be a part of your family and we consider you a part of our family in this wonderful Earth collective family that is all here for an exciting reason and we’re moving forward. Geoffrey, thank you for your sharing. I’m sure you’re going to be overwhelmed so be ready. And our beloved Sue and James, you’re so precious to us and we’re so grateful for you. We hope that we haven’t tired you out too much today and with that, I’ll let you say your goodbyes.


James McConnell: Thanks, thanks so much Anne, again, I always like to say how much we appreciate everything that you do and you bring to the table. You’re a Light for sure to the entire world basically. So keep up the good work and don’t you go leaving us anytime soon like I know you’ve mentioned before that you were going to do that. You’re still very much needed here and hopefully for not too much longer so “believing is seeing” so let’s make it happen. Anything you want to say Sue?


Dr. Susan Sammarco: No.


Anne DeHart: Alright folks, okay we’ll see you in three weeks then. Here we go.



Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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