16.03.13 – Remain As The Observer

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“Remain As The Observer” – Lord Lanto, One Who Serves and Ashira

“Lord Lanto” and “Ashira” channeled by Dr. Susan Sammarco

“One Who Serves” channeled by James McConnell

(Note: these messages were given during our  weekly Prepare For Change group in Glendale, AZ on March 13, 2016)


“Lord Lanto”

I am “Lord Lanto”. I will give a brief description of our contacts over the past numbers of months. It has even been many years for many of us.

We are in a good humor today! We come to talk today about the importance of realizing that this 3D world is a duality. A dark and light duality, good and bad….All of those equations that you give credence to in this world. And yet, as you move into the fifth dimension all of that falls away. All of that is gone.

We realize on this side that this has been a challenging week for many, many upon the planet. You spoke in the group today of the “Wave” that is coming. The “Wave” is here. And that brings so many various emotions to the surface. So many things that take you off track.

And those in the room, on the phone and all those who resonate to the words here given are aware that those on this side hold you dear to our hearts. The importance of realizing duality in your world is staying in tune and staying positive. It is important to see those things that will take you off your course. Those things that can take you to a side view of what is really happening in this world.

It is not good or bad. It  just is. It is good, therefore, if you, individually can take yourselves, put yourselves on the sideline and allow things to unfold without judgment. Or allow things to unfold in front of you but you not be involved with it. Those of family matters. Those of friendship. Those of the world at large. All of these things are for you to observe.

Each has important missions that you will be called to. Some of you have been called already. Each will be called to fulfill your missions outside of this realm you are in now. Outside of the realities that you see now.

We who are your guides and your protector, we who are watching over you, we who are watching over you individually in this group, we know that some days have been high for you and some days have been low for you. We watch as you seem to be grabbing at straws while you are trying to figure out who and what you are to be. And yet, as spoken in this group, you feel more and more tired. It all is what it is.

What we would say to you is to take each day, our friends, each day in itself. We know that each of you has their challenges. Each of you has your situations that you are working on and trying to move through.

We led Geoffrey to you. To help you cleanse your homes, cleanse yourself, cleanse your environment. This is part of removing that which is not for you, easily. Is it not a wonder that his “product” is so inexpensive? It represents tens of thousands of years of technology.

These things are important and we will make more available to you. We will whisper in the ears of those at the right time so that you can take an opportunity to use the technology that those will have for you.

We are not here to speak of dates and times for you. We are here as your spiritual support. We are here to support you as you move through all of these things. We are here to help you. We know that there are services out there that will tell you the “right” things and there are those that will tell you the “wrong’ things. The best thing you can do is to remain in the middle as the observer. Just watch. Don’t act unless you feel strongly that you must act.

You, in this group are very much loved. You are very much being guided and supported. We told you many long months ago that these days were to come. I am here to be of assistance. Put me on your list of those you call upon. Lord Lanto. I am there, anyhow, but you may also call upon me.

We are going to bring this to an end today but knowing that we are speaking with you on an ongoing basis.



“One Who Serves”

Greetings. “One Who Serves” here to assist in any way we can, we always say. We always enjoy these times that we can be together and we hope you do as well. But understand that we are not just playing games here. We are never to play games. We joke and we have fun but we also want you to know how serious this all is.

It is for you to know how in control you are in all that is happening. You, yourselves, you have much to do within this entire plan. It is not just those of us who are here helping but all of you are helping each other. And the more you can work with each other, the more you can work with the various groups and those who bring information, work together. You can see that those who bring information forward and others bring them down, you might say, giving them negative reactions. This is something you do not want to do.

You want to be loving toward everyone, everyone, and we speak of those of the Dark Forces as well. We know this is difficult to do. But, love all, love all that are out there. This is what is important here because it is love that is going to change everything. It is love that is going to make the promises, all of this that has been said, make all of this happen. It is the love transference across the planet that is creating this shift, the changes.
That is all it is.

So, find the love within yourself. Find it for yourself and for all around you. That is not to say that those that push the love away, that they will not have their day. They will. They have already had their time in the sun and now it is time for you to have your time. In terms of those who have held back, it was probably in their best interest to do so, we will say here.

They will get theirs but not in the way that you would think. Not in the way of putting them in prison or anything of this nature although that could still happen. It will still happen that many of the things that have been said will come to pass. Things are not always as they appear to be.

This is in relation to the election process and all of those things happening out there. They are not always what they appear. We believe that you are beginning to understand this more and more and more.

So allow for the process to continue and know that, as we have said before, everything has already happened at the higher levels and only needs to become more fully in your understanding. But it is not the understanding of the 3D world because you are moving out of the 3D world. You are moving up in vibration and that is important to know.

Do you have questions now for “One Who Serves” and “Ashira” who is standing by?

Question: When the Earth has completed her transition does that put the Earth in a leadership position in the Solar System?


“One Who Serves”

The idea of leadership is a three dimensional concept. A 3D paradigm. This is a shift that is going to occur in terms of moving to a point of not having ones in control, we would say. There is never a sense of being in control when you are in service to other civilizations.

This is what the Earth is moving toward. Of being of service to others rather service to self. The concept you have here will not be business as usual as we will say here. That is not to say that there are not those in leadership roles and those that are followers. That will continue but it becomes a situation that those who are in their various jobs or whatever they are good at, they are the ones who hold a leadership position in that way because that is there function. You see?

Those in the councils as well. They come from many different planets and solar systems within the galaxy. They sit as these tables in the council meetings and they represent where they come from. But they are not leaders or in control, as we said here previously. You see? It is a different understanding that you are coming to and it is part of this shift that is happening here.

Anything to add, “Ashira”?

No. That was perfect!


“One Who Serves”

Very good. Further questions here?

Question: For the month of March we know about the eclipse and energy shifts. What can you say about this month?



We will start here.

There are so many things happening that you cannot even imagine it at this moment in time. There are so many things happening in all spheres and at the same time. And we know that this group is disappointed that things haven’t happened more quickly.

The month of March is full of astronomical and astrological events as well as the “Wave” that Lord Lanto has said is already upon this planet. Be patient, dear one, everything is in its place and everything is set to happen as it has been told.

Be patient. Does that answer your question?


“One ‘who Serves”

What is the saying? Patience is a virtue? You are certainly learning that virtue here, are you not?

We always wish to come back to this understanding about how long you think you have been waiting here. Some of you think that you have been waiting a year or two years or three years. But you have not. You have been waiting a preparing for this for many, many lifetimes…many thousands of years. No, we have just been told it is not thousands it is millions of years that this whole entire plan has been in the works here.

So, to look at it from the bigger picture here and you see it from your point of view it seems like a long time here. But from the larger picture it is a smidgen, a short period of time. But you are living it now and so it would seem larger to you that what it really is.

But we can tell you that because of what you have been going through in the past few years when it does switch over, when the shift does happen and you are ensconced within it, you will appreciate more what you have had to go through here. To bring this about. See?

Everything is relative, is your saying.

Other questions here?

Question: I have a question about our 6 month old son who has a breakout of eczema.



We are glad to see you in the group again! We are glad you brought this question up. We are glad you brought your son today! It is good for the group to have the opportunity to meet him, greet him and envelope him with their love.

This is a soul who comes from a very high plane. This soul is having difficulty in adjusting to being in this 3D world. This is not his home and he is having a challenge in interacting with the energies of the planet as well as those things that are in his home and on his body.

We would suggest that your wife continue to follow the procedures she has been following. But she must also look at what she is eating and drinking. She is still nursing this child? Yes. She needs to look at what she is eating and drinking for whatever goes into her mouth, goes into his body and can cause a reaction.

Her diet needs to be very clean. Very clear. Anything upon his body needs to be very clean and very clear.

And place him in the middle of a circle that you and your wife hold. Place him in the center and send him love, send him energies that will help him build his Merkaba, as James said earlier today. This will give him something that he can embrace himself and use to build his own energies up. This will also reduce the amount of irritation he has with this world. Does that make sense?


“One Who Serves”

Other things that will be of assistance here is the idea of the “plug” here, to utilize this. To allow for these higher vibrational energies to be in your home. Especially in your new home. This is important here. That it will help to shift or alleviate the energies that are already in the home and to shift the energies on the planet as “Ashira” has said.

Are there other questions here?

Nothing further? Then we are ready to release channel. Know that as you move more and more through these times that you are moving through a shift, through a transition. Each one of you is going through the transition. You are going to feel it increase in terms of the energies and how you feel and work with these energies as they come into the planet.

Some of them will be disconcerting to you at times. Periods of depression. Periods of tiredness as you have already been seeing. Other times the energies will elate you. You will feel the joy and the immense feelings that come from these energies. It will be a combination of things.

As you are moving forward to the next Advance that you are going to have, there are going to be shifts that are going to be happening along the way, moving up until that time. when you come together to that place that is being prepared for you now. Those who will be there you will have quite an experience we can tell you now. This is all we can say on this, we cannot share more but there will be more that will be given as we come closer to that time. Even more as what occurs in your world until that time, will determine even more what will happen! OK?

Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One.



I am “Ashira”. As always this is a great time to be with you today.

As we look at this group we see that your energy is not as high as it has been in past weeks. We hope today has been able to lift you and to give you what you need to move into the coming weeks. These weeks, as has been said, will bring you highs and bring you lows. Stand by as an observer and watch as the actions on parade pass in your life. Do not become involved with them. Do not place your energy in the battles that are out in the world.

Come back into the peace. Come back into the love. Back into the light.

Know that each week you visit with us. You share with us. You are risen again to go out into the world. But we remind you that when you have your private time. When you have a day when you are feeling high and another day when you are feeling low that all of it can be overcome by tuning in to heaven inside, to your heart, to meditate and sending your light back out into the world.

Our love and our peace. Namaste.


Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco

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