24.05.26 – Many Will Be Leaving The Planet (Master Kara)



 Sunday Call 5/26/2024 (KaRa (Pleiadian Emissary) and OWS

James & JoAnna McConnell

You are destined to be a part of the ist wave

KaRa (Pleiadian Emissary)  and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on May 26, 2024. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

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The conversation covers a guided meditation and spiritual guidance on ascension and the evolutionary shift in consciousness. It also addresses the acceleration of time, communication with higher beings, and physical symptoms related to spiritual growth. The guidance emphasizes being present in the moment and preparing for the evolutionary shift.

(Meditation conducted by James McConnell)

So now remaining in your tube of protective white light, focus on your breathing as you take several deep cleansing, relaxing breaths.

Take a deep breath now, breathe in the light and exhale out any tension, stress, negativity of any kind. Let that go out gently with the exhalation of your breath. Just focus now on relaxing and letting go, becoming more and more centered within yourself, letting the outside world just drift away. Just focus on being within. Take a deep breath now, breathing in the light and exhale out in any darkness. Breathe in the light, exhale out the darkness.

Now put your attention in your etheric body and become aware of nine chakra centers that have become activated and reactivated within all of you.  Pay particular attention to the alignment of those chakras, how they are aligned up along your spinal cord, from just below your feet to just above your head.

As you focus on each one in turn, and focus on the colors of each of the chakras, also raise the intensity of those colors, make them as bright and brilliant as you can in each one. Knowing that as you raise the intensity of the colors, you’re also raising the vibration within each chakra. And when you raise the vibration within each chakra, you’re also raising the vibration frequency within each of the corresponding glandular centers in your physical body and thereby bringing balance to your body, to your mind, body and soul. 

So focus on the earth star chakra now just below your feet. See that as a deep earth brown color.  Know that that is your connection to Gaia, that’s your grounding point. Whenever you hear about grounding yourself, that is the chakra you’re grounding from.

Now moving up to your root chakra. See that as a deep ruby red color. Bright brilliant red.  Moving up to the next orange, to the next brilliant bright yellow with the solar plexus area.  The heart center, deep blue green.  High heart center magenta, and the throat area, sky blue.  In the middle of your forehead, the third eye center, purple or indigo. To the crown chakra at the top of the head gold or violet or silver, and the Soul Star Chakra just above your head, pure brilliant white.

Now, you bring all of the chakras together, merging them all as one into this soul star chakra. All those colors combining and coming together form that brilliant white in this soul star chakra. And then see the soul star chakra now as a three dimensional six pointed star, this being your Merkaba.  You’re the Merkaba light vehicle, you’re a light body.  And feel as you your conscious knowing self moves into this light body and feel the vibration as you move into it, the high vibration.  Feel your etheric body vibrating, your etheric body vibrating at a very, very high level as you have indeed raised the vibrational frequency within your etheric body.

And when you raise it in your etheric body, you’re also raising it in your astral and your physical body, as well as your higher mental body.

Now in your Merkaba light vehicle this is your vehicle of travel, allow yourself to begin to pull away from your physical body. Just see your physical body falling below you as you rise up, up, up, up into the sky through the roof of the building, wherever you might be up higher into the sky. Then find yourself on a desert island. Just imagine.

Imagine for a moment, image in a beautiful desert island or isolated island. Floating down to this island, coming down onto the beach, on the ocean shore. And just be yourself.  Moving down in the sand and out. Feel it touching your feet. Yes, you have the senses here. Have all of your senses alive here. The sense of touch. Feel the warm sand on your feet and smell the salt air and the ocean.  Also feel the aliveness here, the negative ions.  Secluded, completely secluded, be you and you alone here, feeling the majesty of the environment here.

Seeing the waves, the air then flows away to the sand, perhaps touching your feet or just touching your feet, you feel the electricity within the consciousness of that water just moves all through your being.  Hear the seagulls overhead. Hear the seagulls, and you see the seagulls. All of the expressions of this area, beautiful isolated beach, isolated island, your island, this is your special place or can be your special place anytime you want to come here and actually regroup from a negative experience, whatever it might be. This can be, I call it your happy place, safe place.

Feel the energy all around you.  Feel the light rays of the sun. the sounds of the waves.  Then begin to connect with that ebb and flow of the waves falling up and down.  Begin to match that rhythm. Match it with your own heartbeat.  See yourself becoming one with water.  Becoming immersed, consciousness filling you, consciousness of that water. But this is Mother Earth, this is Gaia. Gaia reaching out to you, touching you, being with you.

Hear the expressions of Gaia, and become one with her.  Feel your consciousness, your lightness, the order this brings to your physical body.

Be yourself as The One,  bringing that sense of oneness and higher vibrational frequency back in with you, into your physical body, bringing your light body, your Merkaba Light Body back into your physical body,  

Now gently come back now into a complete state of consciousness and circulation fully revitalized and refreshed.
(End of Meditation)

(Channeling Session, James channeling KaRa)

I am KaRa.  I come to be with you at this time, these quite auspicious times that you are in now, times that you have been preparing for, for a long, long time, even before coming into these lifetimes, these lifetimes that you’ve been preparing for.

You knew one day, one day in the far distant future, in a galaxy far, far away, you were destined, destined to be a part of this high vibrational frequency and evolutionary shift in consciousness as it is occurring at this time.  Destined to be a part of it, be a part of the first wave of Ascension preparing the way for those to come after you.

Yes, you are the wayshowers, or ones that indeed you have been waiting for. You yourself, not us, be the Pleiadians or the Syrians or the Agarthans, any of the other civilizations that are here assisting in this planetary evolution, solar system evolution and even this galaxy evolution that is occurring.

We are all here to witness this, to watch this, to be a part of this in whatever expression that we can be part of.  But alas, we cannot yet become too involved in your evolutionary process, other than to be here at a moment’s notice.

Let’s tell you now, that call is not that far off, perhaps closer than you might even believe it to be.  We are in a waiting stage. We, those of us in the millions of ships that are here, we’re watching over this process again, assisting wherever we can. We have been assisting in many different ways, even to the point of allowing more and more energy to come into your planet.

We are a part of your consciousness here. Raising your consciousness is a delicate process, let’s say, will only allow enough energy, various times throughout this process, to be able to come into the planet, be able to be absorbed in your body, for your bodies, your physical bodies as carbon bodies, cannot handle the higher level energies.

That is yet to come in. So your physical bodies are indeed changing. Carbon to crystalline. That is in the process of happening. This, my friends, is why when you say here that there are going to be many that are going to be leaving this planet, that is why, because they will not be able to handle the entire energy. Their physical bodies, their central nervous systems will not be able to handle it. And they, many and many more yet, have chosen to leave the planet in various ways of exiting.

But that is not for you to be concerned about. You can only do what you can do. You cannot convince anyone to go against their path. For their path is their path, just like your path is your path.  Everyone has the right to choose their path and where that path will take them.

So for you, each of you, the wayshowers, it is almost time, I say, for the movie, as you have been told to end. This is a movie playing out in front of you. But this movie coming to an end is not that far off. But it will be in stages or, as you have heard, various phases. Yes, indeed, you are in the process of entering phase two.  Phase two will be a very quick phase, I’d say, compared to the earlier one. Then each one after that will be even quicker, might say time itself quickens. Time itself is speeding up. That is all purposeful.

But the time is ahead. Although, maybe somewhat rocky at times.  They will be revealing the truth, the truth that has been held back in the shadows for so long, but not to be held back much longer. For the truth indeed shall set you free, not only you, but mankind that is ready for this evolutionary shift.

We are ready. The Galactics, we the Pleiadians, all of those other civilizations, we are ready. Again, at a moment’s notice, to be of more and more assistance. And indeed, our ships will be shown more and more over the coming days, weeks, and months ahead, leading to the culmination.  I don’t exactly say when that culmination will be, but it is coming.

I am KaRa. I leave you now in peace and love and oneness. And know that I, as KaRa, will be here with you more often in the time ahead now. There has been the time off, you might say, where my energies were required elsewhere. Because of my connection with so many of you that are on this call, those that will read and understand these words.
(End of Channeling session)

(One Who Serves, as channeled by James)

Greetings to you, One Who Serves here. And Shoshanna is not here at this time, so we will do what we can to answer your questions and assist you in this continuing process, this process, this program that we have been
working with you for quite some time now. And we’ll say it is not only been these few years that we have been together, but we as the One Who Serves, as also the Galactics and others all have been working with many of you throughout various lifetimes. We have been working with you in this, in the background, we will say.

Well, you did not know of us that we were there as you know of us now, but we have been here and with you and will continue to be with you even more in the times ahead. We, the ascended ones, are here to assist you in becoming the ascended ones yourselves and for you then to assist others following your ascension.

So we are ready now for your questions if you have them.

Is there any question? 

(Member question)

Yes, I have a question, One Who Serves. I’m not asking this question out of any kind of fear because I don’t have any fear, but during our discussion today, we were talking about the Ezra Cohen Watnik and what’s coming and the EBS and the internet going down. A lot of us are prepared with food and water. There’s no fear here.

My question is this, will there be any kind of warning? I think some of us need to travel. I’ve actually offered a project out of state for two months at the end of this year. And I don’t know, is it wise for me to be away from my home where I have all my food and water or just live our lives as usual? Will there be any kind of warning? 

(One Who Serves answer)

We will say here that you must listen within yourself as these situations arise and do what you feel your intuition is guiding you to do. If it is telling you at some point, better to stay home, then do exactly that. Better to stay home. You must understand that we as the ascended ones, the Galactic, the Agarthans, all of your various guides can get messages to you whenever they need to. You just need to be open to hearing those messages. So,do not be concerned about living your life. We will say live your life. Be in joy in every moment of your life. And everything will take care of itself. You will find that you will be in the right place at the right time, whatever that might entail for you. OK? (Wonderful. Thank you.) Yes. Would there be other questions here?

(Member question)

I have a question. Yes. A couple nights ago, I went in to brush my teeth and standing in front of a mirror and a couple seconds later, I felt a light tap on the top of my forehead, just on my hairline. And I felt like it was my mother. I get these message sometimes.  I was just wondering what that was about. 

(OWS Answer)

Well, we will tell you that this is indeed what we have been saying for some time in terms of the glimpses. The glimpses into the other side. Glimpses does not only mean to see, but glimpses can also mean to hear, to feel, to touch, as you are saying. So there will be more and more of these openings where those on the other side,

Those of your guides will be, in a sense, tapping you on the shoulder as this is occurring here, and will occur more often. So be ready for it. We said some time ago, you may begin to see dead people. That was from your movie, where that child saw dead people.

Something that will occur for more and more in the times ahead where they will get those lenses. 

(Member comments)

Okay. Okay. Thank you. I understand those so -called dead people are not dead. They are as alive and in some cases even more alive than you are. Right. I’ve seen several. Thank you. 


Would there be any other questions here?

(Member question)

Yes, I have a question. Yes. Well, I don’t say it seems, but maybe you could verify. It seems, I’ll just use that term, that time itself is collapsing. It has been, but I’ve really noticed the acceleration of that over the last year or so, especially in the last six months. It seems to be accelerating. I’m assuming, this is partly a question, that we are also heading to zero point.

What I do find though, I guess this is part of my question is it is we’re kind of trapped between two worlds. It’s pretty, it’s getting challenging, I should say, to get 3D type things done, i .e. work and bills and all these other things we got to do day to day in that shortened timeframe. Do you have any suggestions on how we deal with time collapsing on us and sort of how we bridge over to whenever we do hit zero point, which I’m assuming is going to be a lot closer to our point of ascension. 

(OWS Answer)

Yes, we will say to be in the moment, be in the moment as much as you possibly can. Do not be concerned about the past or the future. Just be in the present moment. And yes, indeed, your time does appear to be speeding up and, it is speeding up because you are coming closer and closer to that point where past, present and future will all be one as it is in the fifth dimension and higher. So time as you understand it will shift greatly here. And that is all purposeful. So do not be concerned about it. Just be in the moment. You will find that those things of the third dimensional expression will no longer hold your attention as much as they used to.

(Member comments)

Okay. Okay. So with the rising frequency, it’s just those things will kind of fade away within our individual consciousness. Okay. Thank you. Appreciate it. 


Would there be any other questions here.

(Member question)

I have a request. I know it’s possible. I’ve been working with my chakras and you know, knowing those kind of chakra archangels and what not through that connection. I was wondering if it would be possible to hear from some of those archangels such as Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel. Is that possible through this channel at some point?

(OWS Comment)

We will say here that certainly anything is possible, but we have a certain lineup we will say here to that is what has been given through this one here James, and there are times when this deviates somewhat but the lineup as you have seen are the ones that have been coming through and they are the ones that agreed to do this prior to this lifetime here. So again there can be some deviation from this at various times. We will see. We will ask and see what the critics say here. OK? (Thank you. Thank you.) Yes.

Any further questions here before we release channel?

(Member question)

Moses here. Greetings. I wanted to understand a little bit more about the communication protocol for when the ones that ascend and follow along to guide our brothers and sisters. Are we going to also have to try to find a channel who can channel our voices and our beings, or are we going to have additional tools for relaying to our brothers and sisters this knowledge? Or will we be here to be able to do that even though we have ascended? Thank you. 

(OWS Answer)

We chuckle at this, that you have to find a channel. It’s not so much finding a channel is this situation will arise in whatever needs to be at that time. But do not think that you will not be present in the physical. Here we will say and not so much in a your physical body as you know it now but in a in appearance because the veil between the two will we be much much less than they are even at this time here. So there will be those expressions where you can be in a body that will appear to those that you are working with. Not so much as it is right now. Okay? (Thank you very much.) Yes. Any further questions? We do need to release channel here.

(Member question)

I have a question. Yes. I’ve been having some issues with my ears, especially my left ear and just feels kind of stuffed up and I’m just wondering if you could add any light to that to the purpose of this. I feel like I know my body talks to me and gives me messages I believe. So just wondering if you had any insight for that.

(OWS Answer)

We will ask you a question here with your ear being stuffed up. Does it hurt? (No, there is no pain.) So is there a situation in your life where you are not wanting to hear something? There’s something you’re telling us that you are not wanting to hear?  

(Member comments)

Not that I can think of. I mean, I don’t. Maybe there’s some things I should be saying that I’m not saying. you’re saying about hearing something. Yeah. No, no. 

(OWS comments)

Then we will say here that it is more likely what you might call an extension symptom here for you. Or there is nothing physical that is being caused here other than, we will say, of your auditory system here. So it will pass. 

(Member comments)

OK. There is no pain. There is no pain, and there is not something I am not wanting to hear than it is what we are saying. OK. Appreciate it. Yes. Very good. 


Then we are ready to release channel. And we just say here to continue on with your daily lives. Do not look at changing anything drastically. Just be who you are in the moment as much as you possibly can, each and every moment. And you will find that you will be in the right place at the right time. Again, whatever that might mean for you.

Shanti, peace be with you. Be the One.

Channeled by James McConnell 



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