24.06.03 – Without Fear There is Only Love (Lord Sananda)


Ancient Awakenings, “Sunday” call, June 3rd (Monday)


 (Monday) Call 6/3/2024 (Sananda, OWS, Shoshanna)

James & JoAnna McConnell

Sit back and watch the movie play out

Sananda  and One Who Serves channeled by James McConnell

Shoshanna – Joanna’s Higher Self

These messages were given during our Ancient Awakenings weekly Sunday conference call in Payson, AZ on June 3, 2024. (Article may be reproduced in its entirety if authorship and author’s website is clearly stated. Please make sure to include the question/answer portion as there is much wisdom imparted.)

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(Meditation- James McConnell and Sananda)

Now, remaining in your tube of white light, focus a moment on your breathing as you take several deep breaths focusing on relaxing and letting go. And just letting all of the turmoil, the various things that are negative in your life, whatever it might be, just let that go out of the exhalation of your breath. Just focus on centering yourself, becoming more and more within yourself. Take a deep breath now, breathing in the light and exhale out any tension, stress, negativity of any kind.

Take another deep breath, breathing in the light and exhale out the darkness.

Breathe in the light and exhale out the darkness.

Now place your attention and your etheric body and your chakra centers and become aware of the alignment of the chakra centers. The nine chakras that have become activated and reactivated within all of us. And as you focus on each of the chakras, focus on the corresponding vibrational frequency within that chakra. When you raise the intensity of the color of each of the chakra, you are raising the vibrational frequency within that chakra, which also then raises the corresponding frequency within the glandular structure that is a part of that or is associated with that chakra center.

It’s all about balance, all about bringing things together and working together. So focus now on your earth star chakra just below your feet. You see that as a deep earth brown color, and moving up to the root chakra, deep ruby red, to the next orange. The solar plexus area, brilliant bright yellow. The Heart Chakra, Deep Blue Green to the High Heart Center magenta, throat area, sky blue. The middle of the forehead to the third eye center. Purple or indigo. The crown chakra at the top of the head, gold or violet or silver, and the soul star chakra just above your head, pure brilliant white.

Now, if you focus on all of the chakra centers coming together as one, merging together as one into the soul star chakra, it’s becoming now your Merkaba light vehicle or your light body. And see that as a three -dimensional six -pointed star and as your vehicle of travel.

Just see yourself, your conscious knowing self moving into that light body.

As you move into it, feel the vibration within it and begin now to rise up away from your physical form, moving up to the roof of the building wherever you are and high up into the sky up into the clouds until  you move completely beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. Looking back down, you can see your physical form down there. You can see the Earth, Gaia.

And as we do often, focus on being able to switch back and forth between the third dimensional expression or the illusion and see that exactly as it is, as an illusion. Look down and see the Earth, the everyday activity of people when everything that goes on just as if you were looking or watching a movie at this point and the movie was playing out the illusion in front of you just as it does on your TV or in your movie screen.

And then superimpose that image with the image of a fifth dimensional experience, afifth dimensional expression. You see the two of them combined, one overlaying the other. I know that this is what is happening at this point. The fifth dimensional expression is indeed overlaying the third dimensional illusion.

And those that are becoming more and more attuned to what is available, what is at this point, can be able to get those glimpses into the fifth dimension as it is right there. It is always right there, a part of you, right in front of you, all around you and begin to get that understanding that one, the fifth dimensional expression is overlaying the third dimension.  And both are there occupying the same space at the same time. And when you become more and more aware of that and begin to believe that, then more and more anything is possible. Because as you know, you are the creator. You are creating your experience, your life right in front of you each and every moment.

The more you come to understand that, the more that you will be free of the illusion, free of the matrix.

So as you are seeing this overlaying now, see the fifth dimensional expression becoming stronger and stronger. In other words, see the third dimensional expression, the illusion fading away now, becoming less and less real.

All that’s left is your imagination now, in your visualization now, in your experience now, is the fifth dimension. And feel yourself now, see yourself, feel yourself in that fifth dimension. And what that would be like, or what that is like right now in this moment as you are experiencing it.

Feel that there is no fear whatsoever, no cares, nothing to hold you back, no limitations. You are completely free.

Feel that now. Feel what it is like and see the world now from those eyes that you have now in the fifth dimension, see how it has indeed changed dramatically from the third dimensional illusion. See how everything has shifted, how life is completely different than where it was, what you remembered from before.  Know that as this continues on, you will forget more and more those things of the past. They will no longer be a part of your life important to you, will no longer be ensconced within the third dimensional expression.

For a moment, see life as it has changed. See people as they have changed, as the collective consciousness has shifted and changed. See the world coming together as one. Imagine all the people coming together as One.  As the One.

And then you see life all around. The plant life, the animal life, the rocks and stones, all with consciousness, all with higher consciousness.  Animals playing together with other animals that at one time they were prey to no longer.  For without fear, there is only love.

Love does indeed conquer all.

Now allow yourselves to begin to be drawn back to your physical form.  And as you come back into your physical body, bringing your etheric and your astral body, your light body, all back into your physical form, merging back in.  Continue to hold that fifth dimensional expression, the vibration that you may have felt, the images that you may have seen. Bring that back in with you and come back now into a complete state of consciousness and circulation, fully revitalized and refreshed. 

(End of Meditation) 

(Channelled Message – James McConnell channeling Sanada)

And I Am Sananda, I come to be with you at this time, Iin these special times that you are approaching now,  Know that everything is indeed shifting at this point. Timelines are shifting. Life itself is shifting. And you are a part of that shift. Even though you may not feel like it at times, even though you may feel like you are certainly back within the third dimensional matrix, being a part of that going about your everyday lives and in many ways like others across the planet that are oblivious to even the fact that they are in the matrix. But you yourselves know that you have moved beyond that and at times you are certainly beyond that. There are times when you are indeed walking in the fourth and fifth dimensional expression.

There are times when you can see that overlay of the fifth dimension and you can reach for it. It is right there in front of you and you know it. You feel it. You feel it deep within you. Not sure sometimes where that feeling comes from, but it is there nonetheless. You wonder, why am I feeling so good? But why wonder why?  When you can just be, just be in the moment and feel good. Do not be concerned about where that came from. Just be who you are in that moment. You will find that more and more as you do this, you will be in that moment. You will be in that fifth dimensional expression. You will be a part of the fifth dimension moving closer and closer to your full ascension. 

Know that you are in the process of ascension now. There are many things happening within your body, within your bodily structure that are moving you closer and closer to that ascension and certainly within your consciousness. As your consciousness continues to rise, as the vibrational frequencies all around you  are raising the consciousness of man, always though it does not appear that way, but it is indeed doing so.

You are moving forward, forward each and every day, each and every moment. So trust that. Trust in the plan as you have heard many times. The plan is God’s plan for this world, for the earth. It is a universal plan that has been in place for a very, very long, long time.  And you are in the process right now of the culmination of this part of the plan.

So as you look at this more and more as a movie playing out, as you have heard many times that we have said this and many sources have given this, watch it as a movie playing out in front of you. Because if you do that, then you are not attached to the results of what occurs within that movie. You are just watching it, knowing that at some point this movie will come to an end.  And of course, when there is an end, there is always a new beginning. And the new beginning is your ascension.

So many wonder, will there be a major event to occur? Will something happen to, as you have heard, trigger the next phase? But I will tell you now, as Sananda, the next phase has already begun. You are already in it now. And yes, there will be triggers.
But various triggers that will occur are in the process of doing so. And you will find one day when you awaken in the not too distant future, that one of those triggers has gone off, which will lead to the next one and the next one as the domino effect. And this is in process of happening now.

So sit back, my friends, sit back, watch the movie, watch the play out in front of you. Do not become involved in it or attached to it. Just let it be what it is. You will find that you will be in the right place at the right time in the right moment to be about your mission, which you came here to do. Each and every one of you came here for a reason, came here for a mission. And that mission is about to open up in front of you more and more. Some of you have already begun that part of the mission, the part of the mission that leads you to the end of this movie and the beginning of the continuing journey of your lives.

 I am Sananda and I leave you now in peace and love and oneness. And that you continue to move forward being in the moment, every moment that you can, being in joy in that moment, finding the joy in that moment.

Because these moments, right now, are yours.

(End of Channeling session)

(One Who Serves and Shoshanna  Q & A)

Greetings to you. One is Serves here and Shoshanna is back with us. Yippee! And we are ready to move on in this program that we have been working with you on very diligently over many years. We find years now working together with this particular group.

But to understand that this group has evolved, has changed over a period of time. And there have been others that have been here before, and there are others that are yet to come here. Because it is all about old souls coming together again, being one with each other again. And your soul group, which is part of your soul group, are here to be with you and to continue to help move this program along. Help your training, the training that we have been working with you to bring you to this point that you are at right now and know that this training has led you further and further along in your extension process. And yes, indeed, you are all in this ascension process right now. And it is time now to begin to focus more and more on this ascension and further and further away from the third dimensional illusion and the capture of that illusion and the fear within that illusion. Let it all go. Forgive, forget, and move on.

Now is the time more and more to do so as the changes begin to ramp up all around you. We are ready for your questions now if you have them.

(Member question)

Well, I have a question. I had some very strange animal connections the past week. I have humane traps in my garage to humanely trap mice so I can release them in the wild. And about six days ago, there was a mouse and I took it in my car to release it in the wild and somehow the trap opened and the mouse jumped out of the trap into my car. I have not seen the mouse since. I don’t know if it’s still in my car.   I want to know if there’s some significance with this mouse being in my car, maybe still there.

And secondly, more importantly, the next day in one of my humane traps in my garage, there was a massive three to four foot long non venomous snake. It’s called a red racer, a beautiful snake. It was coiled up in one of the humane traps in my garage. So I took the snake out and released it in the wild. So I found it very strange that I had a mouse that I tried to save and it jumped in my car and I haven’t seen it since. And the next day was a massive three to four foot long snake, which somehow fit in the trap in my garage and I released it. 

Are there any messages these animals can be giving us or am I reading too much into it? 

(OWS Answer)

We would say certainly there are messages here because you are in a raised consciousness point of view when you are indeed releasing these creatures rather than killing them. What would most people out there do, those that are unconscious at this point, what would they do? They would kill them and they would be glad to be rid of them. You, on the other hand, are practicing what you have been learning to be of higher consciousness, to be of oneness. Oneness, yes, with the mouse. Oneness, yes, with the snake. You see?

And know that the snake itself was not venomous as you say because it was not needed to be. All it needed was to show you and have you show benevolence toward this creature. So your consciousness is showing you that you are raising in consciousness.

So Shoshanna, do you have something you add here?

(Shoshanna adds her perspective)

 We have a perspective here. If we may share our perspective with you, dear sister. (Yes, beautiful sister.)

 My dear sister, as we as we listen and we survey the past, we notice that you brought these features, these characteristics in with you in this lifetime. That in the past, you walked with the animals, you lived with the animals, you were part of the jungle. You have an affinity for all creatures, small and large.  And it is an affinity that is part of your record, part of your soul record, which has been part of your biological DNA brought into this lifetime, which signals you to remember that you are, you’re a wild woman. You walk with animals and we will tell you that they are attracted to you because they know you will not harm them. So they come to your garage. They come to your trap because they know that you will care for them. It is an attraction process, you see. So there is no real message here except to know that you are part of nature yourself.  And it has been enhanced through other lifetimes. Namaste. 

(Member comment)

Thank you very much. And a quick question to trail into that. I was reading the animal medicine cards and it says that a snake coming into your sphere, it may entail a short passage into discomfort. Does this discomfort keep you from assuming the viewpoint of a magician?

In other words, it’s saying the snake came in to say that maybe I’m going through changes and shedding skin and it’s giving me a message that maybe I have to go through some discomfort. And I think that was the message from the snake. 

(Shoshanna comments)

Yes, we would agree with that. We would agree with that. And even the medicine card that explains it to you is part of your journey to understand yourself. That is why you sought the answer there. Namaste. (Thank you. Thank you.)


 Very good. Are there further questions here?

(Member question)

Yes, I have a question. There’s an Intel whistleblower out there named Gene Decode who told a story about when Trump was first in office and the White Hats started taking down and destroying the Nazi deep state satellites. And as that happened, the Nazis third and fourth Reich deep state called back their 30,000 SSP dark fleets from around the galaxy to return to Earth and when they arrived in our territory and the battleship along with another battleship completely decimated and destroyed the entire fleet of thirty thousand dark fleet ships in thirty minutes.   Did that actually happen do you have any idea?

(OWS Answer)

What we will tell you, rather than speaking of specific incidents such as this, although there is a great deal of truth in this, in that there are indeed battles going on all above you at this time, and have been for some time, and you would not be aware of this at the physical level that you are at here now, but when you are able to move further into the fifth dimensional expression you become aware of this just as you are becoming aware of this whether it is from another source that gives this or whether it is from your own eyes and ears to be able to perceive this so yes indeed there is these things that are going on and have been for some time and will continue on until the point when those that are all around the planet at this time can begin to fully show themselves. And that is not too far off as we find it at this point. Shoshanna, do you add to this?

(Shoshanna’s perspective)

We can add to this, dear brother. May we add to this? (for sure, for sure.) Yes. Dear brother, this one known as Gene Decode has tremendous connections within the galaxy. He has tremendous connections.  And we find as we survey this that he also has an enhanced pineal gland. So he receives information that the average person may not be receiving. He is also a witness to many of these things. We find that he completely tells the truth and it’s not that practical at time that people do not believe him but he is aware of much more than those that traverse this planet.   Namaste

(Member comment)

Thank you very much! 

(OWS Comment)

Yes well you are going to find that with this there are others that will be coming forward here in close proximity to where you are now that will begin to share more and more of these types of things. So you will hear it from many more different sources coming forward. Or indeed, this is the truth that is coming out.

(Member comment)

 For sure. Thank you very much. 


Are there other questions here?

(Member question)

Yes, please. I like to get a little clarity because we know we keep being told, you know, we are the God source and we can create things however we want it. But then we’re also told, go with the flow. There’s a plan. So I have a sense that our power to create in the third dimension is more inside of the collective consciousness. Like we can create, but it takes longer because there’s a collective consciousness also creating. And in the five D somehow a lot quicker. But then again, the consciousness is flowing with that we can all create. So can you just give us clarity on our personal power to create versus being up against what other people, other gods out there are creating that we would interact with? 

(OWS Answer)

We would ask you a question then. Are you able to put your hand out and create within that hand, right there in that moment, an object, say an apple appearing in your hand? Are you able to do that right now?

(Member Answer)

As the person that I have been, it wouldn’t occur like it’s possible, but I do believe it is possible. I just don’t think I’m there yet. 

(OWS Comment)

That is correct.  Because, the reason is because you do not believe that you can do it. Believing is seeing. So when you fully believe that you can do that, you can put out your hand and whatever object you want to appear in it is there in that moment immediately. Then you have arrived at what you are looking towards here. Now understand that indeed the collective consciousness is certainly a part of this. And it is all about the universal mind or the quantum field that is associated with these types of things.

So when the collective consciousness more and more believes that these things are possible, they are going to become even more possible for those who believe. That is the conundrum there, though. You must first believe before you can see. Okay? Shoshanna, you have something you add here?

(Shoshanna’s perspective)

We can add to this. And the explanation that has been given is accurate, but perhaps not as explanatory as it might be, you see. So would you like us to add a perspective here, dear sister? (Yes, please.)

Dear sister, this is a complicated subject and it is a simple subject as well because it does boil down to belief, you see. But what is happening in the collective consciousness realm is that each individual influences another to disbelieve or believe, you see.

So if you are a human being around individuals that are, we would call them naysayers, that do not believe that they are capable of creation or that everything is an accident or a coincidence, and I’m sure you’ve been around people like that, that if you are among those people and you do not shield yourself, from those beliefs, you will become part of that, you see. You will be influenced to listen, to become part of that. Now, that is part of co -creation. And then there is conscious co -creation, where you’re with another creator. And when you’re with another creator that is clear that they can create, that they are capable of making things happen, then you can be influenced by that. So we would caution all of you to participate with the stronger ones, to participate with the individuals that know who they are as much as they can know who they are, that know that they are creators, that know that they can accomplish big things, that know that they can overcome obstacles.  Because when you are around those people you become part of that. So that is co -creation. Co -creation is a weakness and a strength depending on who you are participating with, you see. 

But on an individual creation basis you are the ultimate creator. You can be all by yourself and change the weather you see.

But it is about what you believe as One Who Serves has given and what you have practiced. Because as you practice those things and truly practice them, and you will begin to see what you have practiced. It is just like playing a musical instrument. When you see the musical instrument, you cannot play it. But once you participate with that instrument and you may perhaps find another that has learned the instrument that teaches you, then you can do that, you see. So it’s all about how you participate with others that creates the co -creation. Does this make sense there, sister?

(Member comment)

 It makes sense. I’m still in the question mark, though, of like, we were talking about this on the call. Like, so, you know, some of us believe Trump, we want Trump to come into office.  And we want to like vision that and, you know, and that’s going to create it period of story. And then there’s the question mark. So if in my world, like if there’s all the people creating something different. And maybe that’s not even the best thing to create, because maybe there’s something even better. Do you know what I’m saying? Like, wouldn’t that it wouldn’t that impact that? Like, I don’t think I don’t think that could be wrong, but I don’t think its us alone that could create Trump as the next president without the consciousness coming along with that, at least the majority. Is that correct? 

(Shoshanna comments)

We will say, dear sister, that both things are true because there are multiple timelines that one can become part of. In one instance, if you truly believe that a person would become your president, then you can jump on that timeline and you can create that for yourself, you see. And if you do not believe it, if you believe others must influence that in some way, then you are on that track, you are on that timeline. It is all about what you choose to believe and what timeline you choose to traverse, you see.

That is why there are so many different experiences in life. Because people are jumping timelines all the time. By creating experiences here and experiences there, and co -creating here and co -creating there, it creates multiple timelines, you see. So you can create a timeline where your president is Trump, and you can create a timeline where your president is not Trump. However, there is a mass amount of hypnosis going on in the third dimensional illusion. And that is why people believe that this one actor is truly the president because it is a hypnotic suggestion. You see? So it is complicated. It depends on your belief, your timeline, and what you choose to believe in and what you choose to create.


Are there any further questions here?

Then  we are ready to release channel. So Shoshanna, do you have any parting message?

(Shoshanna comments)

Well, we would say that it is important in this life to incorporate the idea that you are the creator of your life, that it is not outside of you, that it is not someone else’s doing, that you and you alone are producing the illusion that you see. You and you alone are creating your life, you see. And it is a jumble of programs and beliefs and understandings. So that once you decide to change the belief, to change the understanding, to switch off the program, something else will show up in your life, you see. That is what we have to say. 


Very good. And we simply say here, continue to be in the moment as much as you possibly can. Do not be concerned about what has occurred. Do not be focused only on what is yet to come. For you need to just be in the moment, enjoy the moment, enjoy your life, and be who you are each and every moment moving forward. Shanti peace be with you. Be the One.
(End of Q and A)

Dear Members,

Look for the next email that will be called “Afterthoughts” which are comments on the channeling session and Q and A session coming soon!  

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