Advance (formerly called retreats)

 It is time to plan our next Advance and as each one builds on the one preceding it and always seems to top it, we can expect nothing less during this one. In fact, I just now heard as I am writing this that this next Advance will be “Over the top and beyond”.(OWS’ words). So it is time to get ready for the “crescendo” up to this point.  As so many things are about to pop in the external world, we need to make sure we are keeping up with the energies that have been and are about to get much more intense in the coming weeks/months. You won’t want to miss out on this one!
As always, there is limited accommodations so you will want to get your reservations in early to secure your spot. A big thank you to Joanna for putting all this together for us.


(December 2, 2021 – ending December 6th at 12 noon)

Our promise is to continue the journey to ascension by uniting all Light Workers of Gaia.
The journey continues and we are continually surprised by the information we receive at our Advances.  If you are going to miss this one, the next one will be sometime in April or May of 2022.  To sign up to join us for our December 2021 Advance by zoom, please become a member of Ancient Awakenings by going to  Under the “Events” tab you will find our next Advance where you can sign up for the zoom portion.  Love and Blessings!

It is time to step up and know that we have created the Golden Age of Gaia. We are the Light Bearers, Light Sharers, Light Warriors of this great world. We must fully take on our mission like never before in the NOW!


If you are interested in attending, please send an email directly to