Live Calls

Weekly Call

Members Only Sunday Call, hear from Jesus (Yeshua) and the company of heaven live.    Click to join.

After joining, you will receive PIN number via email and you will be able to listen via phone or internet at  10:30am Arizona / Mountain Time:

Via Telephone:  Dial 623-201-3177  and enter PIN NUMBER.

Via Internet ( free to connect, no long distance charges ): 

Step.1 – Open browser and navigate to –

Step.2 – Enter conference PIN NUMBER that was emailed to your mailbox, after joining.

Step.3 – Enter your name, email, phone number.

Step.4 – Click on MY COMPUTER button ( if using cell phone also select the MY COMPUTER button)   This will allow you to hear and speak using your cell phone microphone and speaker.

Step.5 – Select the appropriate computer or cell phone microphone, speaker.   If not sure, accept the default ones.

Step.6 – You are now connected, and you are able to see the other callers in the call.

Step. 7 – Be sure to MUTE yourself as soon as you connect.   Only un-mute yourself if speaking.